Why is a raven like a writing desk?

How is a painting like a mirror?

Important questions, questions that need to be asked, explored, discussed, researched, critiqued…

Falling down the rabbit hole   – stepping through those high school doors for the first time.

The classroom should be like wonderland – full of wonder and surprise – a place to find the unexpected, to discover, to explore, to experiment, to sing, dance and above all find one’s self. We need to reject the out dated factory style teaching. Teachers are no longer masters who hold the keys to knowledge. They need to coach, guide, mentor, uncover facts only when necessary to facilitate the students’ journey through the unknown.

Expert Opinion on project based student centered learning

“The secret of success [in teaching] is pace…Get your knowledge quickly and then use it. If you can use it you will retain it.” Alfred North Whitehead, The Aims of Education and Other Essays. New York:Free Press, 1929, (p.36)

Students need to find out for themselves and uncover the facts when working through a question or idea.

The constructivist theory of education states that students must discover information on their own.  Vygotsky’s theory of scaffolding supports students when needed to facilitate learning of complex tasks.  Students are allowed to start with the complex ideas and then are coached as needed by the teacher. This gives not only respect to the learner but challenge and motivation.


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